New Snake Shield – Solar Powered Snake Repellent Twin Pack [DMT026]


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Product Description

Kit includes 2 solar powered snake repellers.


The Solar Powered Snake Repeller deters snake from area by emitting a variable vibration through the ground every 90 seconds. Snakes within the covered range are able to detect these vibrations through their body sensors. This vibration would make snakes thinking there is danger ahead and bypass the “unsafe” area. This Snake Repeller will provide a brief vibration every 90 seconds. The pattern/frequency of the vibration will change all the time. This variable vibration is more effective to keep snakes away compared with other Snake Repellers in the market as the snake could get used to a fixed frequency of vibration. The Solar panel on the top of the repeller collects energy that is stored in a 3.7 V li-Ion high capacity rechargeable battery (which has 3 times bigger capacity). When the battery is fully charged, the snake repeller lasts around the clock operation even during overcast days.


How many Snake Shields do I need?

For a normal house block we recommend two units: one in the front and one in the back, for higher risk areas, four snake repellents is recommended.
A larger garden the 4-6 solar snake repellers will give good results.

For larger sections we suggest space the snake deterrents at 40 metre intervals around your boundary as a general as a rule of thumb the following should be used as a guide.


How to set up the Solar Snake Shield

Step 1) Critical …Before using for the first time the Solar Snake Shield will need to be fully charged before being turned ON to obtain maximum affect. Leave the Solar Snake Repeller in full sun for two days or up to 3 to 4 days when overcast. Once the battery has been fully charged, turn the solar snake shield ON.


Step 2) Positioning your Snake Shield(s) …. Choosing the correct location for each unit. The Snake Repeller radiates in all directions (full 360 degrees) up to approximately a 18m radius or 36m diameter (about 1000 sq m). However we do recommend a 5m overlap (see drawing)

To make the best use of the Snake Shield(s) we strongly recommend installation of 2 or more, about 25 meters apart. Firmer ground gives a better result. Clay soil transmits the best, while sandy soil will reduce the diameter of the signal. Waterlogged soil should be avoided.


Except for concrete walls/buildings with a foundation deeper than 100mm, the Snake deterrents signal will travel through the ground under fences, shallow concrete paths, sheds and behind retaining walls to get rid of any snakes that may be hiding around them. The Snake Repellers work well in long grass areas. No problem with trees, dog kennels, bushes, chain link fencing, however it is important for the device to have a clear view of the sun to charge its solar powered battery.




Step 3) Installing Solar Snake Repeller in the ground:

A)  Make the ground hole with great care, as it is a CRITICAL step.
When making the hole for the plastic stake (probe) keep the soil firm. DO NOT just dig a hole and fill around the stake as the loose soil will reduce the effective diameter of the signal. The hole must only be driven, use either a crow bar with a point, a round dowel, a metal tube or metal rod about the same diameter (but no larger) than the probe. NEVER use a hammer to drive in the plastic probe (stake), and NEVER, force the tube into the ground by pushing down on the plastic top/solar panel. The head should only be added once the tube is firmly in place. As a final positioning before the head is installed you may carefully push the probe with a block of softwood (like Pine) placed over the tube, but remember the probe (stake) must not be deformed or damaged, otherwise the plastic head will not fit on correctly.


B)  Leave about 10cm of plastic stake above the ground, more if the area is prone to flooding.

The unit is weatherproof, but is not waterproof: Rain presents no problem, however the top of the plastic tube (above the aluminium pipe) must never be underwater. If there is the potential for hail the unit should be either covered or removed. In winter (if you are not concerned about snakes) we strongly recommend turning the units off and storing them undercover.

Warranty This product is warranted against faulty material and or workmanship for the period of 12 months. Our obligation under this warranty is limited to repair or replace the unit (at our discretion. Prior to return, you must email telling us what you would like us to do, and why. Return without authorization will not be accepted

The  warranty shall not apply and is not limited to, any parts or materials which have been subject to accident, negligence, alteration, abuse or misuse whether intentional or by accident. We shall not assume any responsibility for any consequential damages of any kind whatsoever.


Furthermore, the warranty is invalid if proof of purchase can not be produced. The return postage costs are at the buyer’s expense.

The Snake Shield is a snake repeller or a snake deterrent, as mentioned in the manufacturer’s instructions, this unit is not 100% foolproof, but will greatly reduce any unfortunate encounters with snakes. To this end, Discount Dog Fence points out that this unit is designed to discourage snakes into the area where the Snake Shields are located. However, we cannot guarantee it will 100% deter all snakes in all situations, there is no responsibility or liability can be accepted, should a snake enter the area and an unfortunate encounter occur.


Do Snakes scare your Family, Pets & Livestock?
Deter snakes away from your patio or your garden and away from your family, pets and livestock. With Dogmaster Trainers Eco-Friendly solar powered Snake shield.



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