PetSafe ST 70 Basic Remote Dog Training Collar – 70M

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Product Description

PetSafe ST 70 Basic Remote Dog Training Collar Features:

  • Water resistant Receiver and Transmitter
  • Up to 70m range
  • Suits dogs over 3.6 kg
  • 12 levels of static correction
  • 2 tones training options
  • Fits neck sizes up to 56cm
  • Both collar and transmitter operated by 2 x 2032 lithium batteries
  • 3 year warranty

PetSafe ST-70 Remote Trainer comes with

  • Receiver collar
  • Transmitter
  • 4 x 2032 Batteries for the Receiver and Transmitter
  • Manual
  • Training info on a stage by stage basis
  • Wrist strap for transmitter
  • Test Light

The new PetSafe ST-70 Basic Remote Trainer offers the easiest way to train your dog at home so you can spend less time training and more time to have fun with your dog. The PetSafe ST 70 dog training collar is so simple to use, you can easily  go through all the features with one hand. 12 levels of stimulation, up to 70m range, two tones training, compact design of both collar and handheld transmitter, the PetSafe ST-70 dog training system is the best entry level dog remote trainer on the market.

To train your dog with this PetSafe ST-70 remote trainer by simply giving a voice command. If the dog ignores your command, press the warning/high tone button. If the dog still ignores the command, giving him a static correction with the level the dog responds to. Your dog will soon associate your command with a consequence and should not be ignored, even at a distance. After a few static corrections you may only need to use the warning tone to achieve the desired effect.

Stimulation levels

This PetSafe ST-70 basic remote dog trainer has 3 stimulation settings and each setting has 4 levels of output which makes up 12 levels of stimulation in total. Always start from the low stimulation range and go through level 1, 2, 3, 4 to find out the best level for your dog. If your dog has no response to the stimulation, then turn the stimulation range switch to medium and go through the levels again to find out the level for the dog.

Stimulation Range Switch Static Correction Level Receiver Collar Function Temperament of Pet
I (low) 1,2,3,4 Low Static Correction Timid – Average
II(medium) 1,2,3,4 Medium Static Correction Average – Energy
III(high) 1,2,3,4 High Static Correction Energy – High Energy

  petsafe st-70 basic dog training system tx operation

2 Tone training

The PetSafe ST 70 features 2 tone training. The upper low tone button is used as phrase tone for positive reinforcement training the lower high tone button is used as warning tone to work with static corrections.

Training with the upper low tone

Teach the dog what the low tone means: practice pressing the low tone button and then give the dog positive reinforcement such as the Lickety Stik, repeat this until the dog is clearly associates the tone and responds with a look of anticipation. Every time dog is doing the right thing, press the low tone button and reward with Lickety Stik, this is marked as good behavior. Repeat these steps until the dog has associated good behavior with a reward.

Training with the lower high/warning tone

Every time when you are using the static correction to correct the dog’s unwanted behavior, press and hold the lower warning tone button for 2 seconds first, then use the static correction. So your dog associates the tone with a consequence( static correction). Using the upper low tone button and dog treat to reward the dog when he stops. After a period of the time, you may use the warning tone only to warn the dog of doing unwanted behavior.


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