Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training Collar – 1600M

Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training Collar

Recommend Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)

*Kelpie  *Cattle Dog  *Border Collie  *Staffy  
*Bull Terrier  *Whippet *German Shepherd  *Labrador
*Golden Retriever  *German Shorthaired Pointer
*Australian Shepherd  *Husky  *Rottweiler  *Doberman  
*Ridgeback  *Maremma  *Wolfhound  *Bull Arab
*Weimaraner  *Boxer  *Mastiffs

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Extra Garmin Pro PT10 Collar

Extra Garmin Pro PT10 Collar


Product Description

The Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training Collar is the top of range working dog and hunting dog training system for professional and serious amateur dog trainers. It has all the features you need for dog training whether in the yard or out in the field. It trains up to 6 dogs with a range up to 1600 metres. The transmitter has colour coded button to match with the colour of collar strap. So you can easily pick the right dog and correct the behaviour. The selection dial provides 6 levels of stimulation as well as tone and beacon light without complexity. It has remote-operated beacon lights on the receiver collar for low light conditions. The Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training Collar also has built in BarkLimiter which is the same as Garmin Delta Sport remote but with higher output.

Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training Collar kit features



The Garmin Pro 70 Dog Training system with PT10 collar has the built in BarkLimiter feature. The PT10 collar can be used as a bark control collar by itself. When the vibration sensor detects the barking, the collar emits the lowest level stimulation. If the dog does not stop barking, the output will increase until the dog stops. When the collar is not activated, the collar will reset itself back to the lowest level.


Bark Odometer

It counts and displays the number of times the dog barks since on off period. This helps dog owner to track the dog’s barking. The Red Flash stands for 10 barks. Green Flash stands for 1 bark. So if the dog barks 24 times, the collar should flash 2 Reds and 4 Greens when you turn the collar off.


Package includes:

  • Garmin Pro receiver collar with black strap
  • Garmin Pro 70 transmitter
  • Collar battery charging cradle, transmitter charging cradle, dual lead wall charger
  • Set of long contact points
  • Set of short contact points
  • Owner’s manual


Remote Trainer Features:

  • Up to 1600 metres range
  • Suits most medium to large stubborn dogs   
  • 6 levels of stimulation
  • Continuous correction, Tone and Beacon Light
  • Waterproof Transmitter & Receiver
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion fast batteries system.
  • Expandable to train up to 6 dogs
  • Transmitter with colour coded buttons identify different dogs on multi-dog situation
  • Battery indicator on Transmitter and Receiver


Bark Control Collar Features:

  • Bark Odometer bark counter
  • Accelerometer sensor: only the dog with the collar can activate it
  • Automatic, self-adjusting levels of correction
  • 1 year warranty



  • Weight 1.9 kg


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