Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar [GAB003]


* Suits most dogs from 4.5kg in weight
* Accelerometer Technology bark sensor to detect barking
* Auto/manual settable 10 levels of static correction
* 4 stimulation modes – tone, vibration, auto raise static correction, smart mode
* Bark Odometer – bark counter in Garmin Canine Smartphone app
* Rechargeable battery with fast charge
* Battery lasts up to 30 days per full charge (standby mode)
* Exchangeable long & short plastic probes
* LED indicator for operating modes and battery status
* Waterproof and lightweight
* 12 months warranty

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Product Description

The Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar is a truly “smart” collar that works with compatible smartphone via Garmin Canine app. It is not just a normal bark control collar that just gives the dog a correction when he barks. It is a smart collar that monitors your dog’s barking behaviour and stop he from barking effectively. It has a built in Accelerometer Technology vibration bark sensor to deter barking when only responses to the dog with the collar on.  With the Canine app, you can monitor how many times the dog barks in calendar view. You can also adjust the output levels, stimulation mods and “bark allows” of the Barklimiter 2 anti bark collar. The collar is fully waterproof and rechargeable with fast charge battery. It comes with long and short plastic contact probes for long and short hair dogs which provide significant protection against pressure necrosis and more comfortable to sit on dog’s neck.


BarkLimiter 2, Rec/Outdoor, UNITED STATES


The Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar has 4 stimulation modes to stop dog barking. They are Tone only, Vibration only, Smart mode (smartphone operated) and Static Correction mode. When operating the collar without a smartphone, Barklimiter 2 can be used as a traditional bark control collar. By pressing the power/mode button very shortly, the collar can be switched between Tone only, Vibration only and Static Correction mode. When the LED switches from Green to Blue, the Barklimiter 2 is in Smart mode. It can connect with the Garmin Canine app to access more options and settings.


Smart Mode – connect Barklimiter 2 collar with compatible smartphone via Garmin Canine App (Apple IOS and Android available)


Autorise stimulation is available in both bark control collar select mode (Green light in the middle) and smart mode (Blue light in the middle) via Garmin Canine app. While the Barklimiter 2 collar is in Autorise stimulation, it sets the intensity level automatically by itself which is based on the barking behaviour of the dog. This anti bark collar starts from the lowest level and increases until the dog stops barking. It will reduce the intensity level when the dog does not bark. The automatic output mode is designed to eliminate excessive nuisance barking.


Manual Selectable output
Manual adjustable intensity output from 1 – 10 levels. This will stop the bark a lot quicker. With the Garmin Canine app, you can set tone and/or vibration warning with the static correction.


Bark allowed
The Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar  can be manually adjusted withthe amount of barking allowed before giving the dog a correction. It can be set from 0 to 5 barks to help avoid unintentional corrections from everyday activity. “0” means no barking allowed which the collar will activate immediately when dog barks. “1” means the dog is allowed to bark once before receiving the correction.


The Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar has Tone and Vibration warning option. It can be set for either or both in the same time in Smart Mode. It can be only set for tone only or vibration only while in normal bark collar mode.


Bark counter
The Garmin Barklimiter 2 Smart Bark Control Collar has a built in bark counter. It will record how many times the dog barks per day. This data will sync with your Garmin account when the collar connects to the Smartphone. This can help you to track the performance of the bark collar. If you find unusual barking patterns from your dog, you will need to check the power, setting and fit of the collar.





Physical dimensions: 70 x 37 x 38 mm
Weight: With short plastic contacts: 47.8g; With long plastic contacts: 49.8g
Battery: Rechargeable lithium-ion Up to 30 days


Package includes

  • BarkLimiter 2 dog device
  • 3/4″ black collar strap 
  • Short and long plastic contact points 
  • Charging/data cable
  • Manual 


  • Weight 0.5 kg


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