PAC Invisible Dog Fence (up to 5 acres)

PAC Invisible Dog Fence

PAC Invisible Dog Fence Features

* Suits most stubborn dogs from 10kg
* Quality European made
* Easy 4 steps to contain your pet
* Waterproof and rechargeable collar
* 4 levels of autorise stimulation
* Capacity to cover up to 5 acres with extra wire purchase
* For over 5 acres area, please visit the PAC containment system with Boosted Transmitter.
* 2 Year Warranty

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Product Code: PAC011

$369.00 $359.00


Product Description

Recommend Dog Breeds examples (Over 6 months)
*Kelpie *Cattle Dog *Border Collie *Staffy *Bull Terrier *Whippet *Cocker Spaniel *German Shepherd *Labrador *Golden Retriever *German Shorthaired Pointer *Australian Shepherd *Husky  *Rottweiler *Ridgeback *Doberman *Maremma *Wolfhound *Bull Arab *Weimaraner *Boxer *Mastiffs


Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Transmitter (with battery backup – battery is not included)
  • 1 x Power adapter
  • 1 x Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Receiver Collar
  • 1 x Probes for short and long coat dogs
  • Instruction Manual
  • 100 metres thicker gauge wire and 25 training flags
  • Wire joining kit


PAC invisible dog fence is one of the best dog containment system for medium to large size stubborn dogs in the market. It is ideal to contain one or more escaping dogs without using ugly and obtrusive containment fencing. The PAC F6C collar on the dog is designed to pick up a low strength radio signal while the dog is closed to the boundary wire. The receiver collar emits a warning tone and follow by 4 autorise stimulation output to contain most headstrong and x large escaping dogs. The looped wire can be twisted to close the dog fence when running across a lawn and re-opened to protect designated areas such as swimming pools, flower beds etc. The radio transmitter has built in battery backup which keeps the system running for 2 – 3 days without external power supply. The PAC fence kit comes with 100 metres of wire to cover just less than 1/2 acres area. The system is extendable to cover up to 5 acres area by purchasing extra DMT thicker gauge wire kit.





Automatic for Peace of Mind

PAC dog containment system requires a 2 to 4 weeks of dog training to work effectively. It requires training the dog to understand where the boundary is (no go zone) and associating with static correction of the collar and the boundary.  Whenever a dog moves into the Active Zone (set by the user, normally to 1-2 metres from the wire), their collar receives a radio signal. The collar/receiver emits an audible beep or warning tone, if the dog challenges the warning tone and walks past the flags or into the next zone it will feel the first correction level, if it challenges and walks into the next zone it will feel the next level of correction. The PAC collar/receiver is the only product on the market that has four autorise levels of correction. The longer the dog is within the active zone; and the closer his proximity to the wire; the stronger the intensity of the static correction. After a good training, the dog will understand everytime when the he walks close the particular area, he will receive a warning then a correction. Thus, the dog self-elects to approach the boundary; and if he runs at it, the collar activates and emits a higher output immediately.




Electronic Control Unit (Transmitter)
The main electronic boundary control unit is not water resistant which needs to install indoor/undercover. This transmitter unit generates radio signals to go along the loop-wire. The signal strength determines the Active Zone width (distance between wire and dog collar) and can be adjusted (from 30cm up to 2 metres which is depending on size of total area and wire be using) and monitored at the unit. It has a timer controlled charger for the Collar Unit. The system comes with “inbuilt” battery backup, to power the unit should normal power supply fail. This feature incorporates 2 x 9 volt alkaline batteries (non rechargeable) within the transmitter housing.


Electronic Collar Unit  (Receiver)
The receiver collar is a rechargeable. A fully charged collar should last for 2 to 4 weeks during operation (3 months in standby mode).  However, if the dog is getting to the boundary often, it will use more power. An LED indicator on the collar shows battery charge status. Since the collar recharges through the contact probes, the collars are the most waterproof on the market as there is no way for water, moisture or dust to get inside the unit.


Loop Wire
The loop wire comprises a low cost multi-cored PVC covered cable that can be purchased from us or your local electrical wholesaler. The two tails of this loop connect to the Control Unit. Surround and enclose all or part of your garden, paddock or estate, and give your dog freedom to roam within it. PAC dog fence comes with 100 metres DMT 1.5mm thick gauge wire which transmitting a stronger radio signal and much more durable than competitors’ small gauge/thin wire.




Area and Perimeter conversion table


Area in Acres Perimeter Approx Number of DMT 100 Metres Wire
(thicker gauge)
Total length of wire
1 254 metres 3 300 metres
2 360 metres 4 400 metres
2.5 402 metres 5 500 metres
3 441 metres 5 500 metres
4 509 metres 6 600 metres
5 569 metres 6 600 metres
6 623 metres 7 700 metres
7 673 metres 8 800 metres
8 720 metres 8 800 metres
9 763 metres 8 800 metres
10 805 metres 9 900 metres
11 844 metres 9 900 metres
12 881 metres 10 1000 metres
13 917 metres 10 1000 metres
14 952 metres 10 1000 metres
15 986 metres 11 1100 metres
16 1018 metres 11 1100 metres
17 1049 metres 11 1100 metres
18 1080 metres 12 1200 metres
19 1109 metres 12 1200 metres
20 1138 metres 12 1200 metres


  • Weight 2 kg


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