PAC Invisible Dog Fence Transmitter

PAC Invisible Dog Fence Transmitter

PAC Invisible Dog Fence Transmitter

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Product Code: PAC012 F200A



Product Description

The PAC FC4 dog containment system transmitter is designed to operate with a thicker 1.5mm gauge boundary wire. The standard PAC transmitter covers up to 569 metres boundary or 5 acres area. The boosted PAC transmitter covers up to 986 metres boundary or 15 acres area.The PAC FC4 transmitter emits a radio signal to go along with the boundary wire. When the dog with the PAC receiver collar walks close to boundary wire, the collar picks up the radio signal and will give the dog a warning tone then follow by static corrections. This PAC invisible dog fence transmitter features a battery backup protection when external power is off.


PAC activate zone

The PAC invisible dog fence transmitter has 5 activate zones. When the dog enters the warning zone, it will receive a warning tone first.  After a 2 seconds delay, the dog will receive a low level of correction. If the dog keeps walking into the activate zone 2 area, the dog will receive a warning tone and follow by medium levels of static correction straight away. If the dog walks very close to the boundary wire (zone 5), it will receive a warning tone and highest levels of stimulation immediately. There are 4 levels of stimulation. Please note: the activate zones = stimulaton levels output of the collar, it is not the distance from the wire to the dog. Zone 1 = warning tone, zone 2 = stimulation level 1, zone 3 = stimulation level 2, zone 4 = stimulation level 3, zone 5 = stimulation level 5. If the dog is trying to run through the wire, the collar will emits the high level correction straight away.




Boundary Width Control

The control knob that adjusts the width of the Activate Zones. The collar warning distance to the boundary wire. Range from 30cm to 3 metres which is depending on size of the total area.


Battery Backup

The PAC FC4 transmitter has battery backup feature which allows the transmitter operating for up to 48 hours when external power is off. It requires 2x9V backup batteries. The power LED light will flash when batteries need to be replaced.


Collar Charging Dock

The PAC dog fence F6C collar is charged on the top of the transmitter. The fully charged circle is 16hours. Battery normally lasts for 2 to 4 weeks which is depended on how often the dog challenges the boundary (activating the collar).


Transmitter Only for PAC invisible dog fence. It doesn’t include the Power adapter.


  • Weight 0.2 kg


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