Dogtra YS300 Bark Control Collar [DA002]

Dogtra YS300 Bark Control Collar


* Suits small to medium sized barking dogs
* 6 variable intensity settings (2-7) to suit any type of disposition
* Rechargeable rapid charge Lithium Polymer Battery, charger included
* Fully Waterproof
* Non-electrical stimulation vibration (P) warning prior to the stimulation
* Testing level (T) allows for testing of the collar without any electrical correction
* Lithium FAST Charge Battery with light indicator
* Fits dogs as small as 4.5 kg. (receiver weight: 113grams)
* 1 Year Warranty

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Product Code: DA002

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Product Description

The Dogtra YS300 bark control collar is small and lightweight which suits most barking dogs from 4.5kg in weight. With strong output in top end (stimulation level 5, 6 and 7), this collar is also suitable for some large dogs. The Dogtra YS300 features industry-leading electronics, six variable intensity settings from low to mid-range with vibration warning, the collar is fully rechargeable and completely waterproof.



Key Definitions:


Microphone Bark Sensor

The Dogtra YS300 bark sensor built in the most advance Dogtra technology “sound recognition and filtering microprocessor”. It is able to distinguish a dogs’ barking from its surrounding ambient noises. It only responds to the barking of the dog with collar on, not by other barking dogs.


Multi functional LED indicator

The LED light flashes 1 second when the Dogtra YS300 anti barking collar is turned on. Then it will flash every 2 seconds to indicate the collar is working. If the collar is inactive for 10 seconds, it will automatically go into sleep mode. The LED will be off as well. In normal standby mode, the LED light flashes green when it is fully charged and turns to amber when the battery is low. When the LED is flashing red means collar needs to be recharged.





The Dogtra YS300 anti barking collar has 7 levels of static electronic stimulation and a vibration. The “P” level is vibration only mode. This can be effective for some small dogs and/or sensitive dogs as the vibration from the collar may be enough of a distraction to get their attention and stop them from barking.
From levels 2 to 7, a warning vibration is first activated followed by a static stimulation (2 being the lowest, 7 the highest). The ability to manually select the level of correction makes the Dogtra YS300 bark collar ideal for a wider range of dogs compared to automatically-set units. This is due to the fact that you can start off on the lowest setting and, depending on the dog’s reaction, increase the level until the right setting is found for your dog.

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial
Power OFF
Vibration only (non-stimulation)
Vibration followed by stimulation
Test mode



Testing the Dogtra YS300 bark control collar :

1. Turn the Dogtra YS300 bark control collaron by turning the ON/OFF & Intensity Dial and select the test mode (T) so that the arrow on the dial is aligned with the letter “ T”.


2. Scratching the microphone sensor by using a coin or a hard metal object. The collar should emit a vibration three times. Repeat the same process if you want to test again.


  • Weight 0.4 kg


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