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Underground Dog Fence for Most Dogs

This selection of Invisible Dog Fencing is designed for the more popular and commonly owned pets (weights starts from 5kg). These containment systems come with a number of options, depending on your dog’s size, temperament and of course, what is going to be convenient for your situation.

If you have two or more dogs that are different sizes and/or temperaments, you are probably best to consider the PetSafe range, where all different models of collars are compatible across the range of transmitters.

If you are after something with a waterproof and rechargeable collar, you are best to consider the PAC containment fence.

Just remember, with any of our dog containment system range, there are 4 Steps to the installation and successful operation that results in your dog being happy and safe in your own property:

Preparation – this involves going through the instruction and installation manuals. Then you can layout a small sketch of your property and mark how you want to setup the dog containment system boundary.

Installation – Actioning your plan. This is where you set up the transmitter and the wire. Once everything is in place, you can test it by walking along the wire with the collar. When the collar gives a warning tone, place a training flag in the ground. Walk further along the fence line, about 2 to 3 metres and repeat the process. Ensure you are happy with the boundary width (the distance from the fence line to where you hear the warning tone – 1.8 to 2 meters is recommended).

Fitting the Collar – this step is to ensure the collar is a good snug fit on your dog, and that the probes are in constant contact with the dog’s skin. Remember, the dog is going to be wearing the collar for less than 8 hours per day, so a comfortable and firm fit is important.

Training – this is as important as every other factor of the invisible dog fencing. You will only need to spend 10 mins per day to train your dog how to respond to the training flags and the warning tone. After the first week, you can remove every second training flag. Then the second week after, remove all flags and the training is complete. It is important that you do not cut any corners in relation to the training program.

Should you need any further advice, or want some assistance in selecting the right fence for your dog, please contact one of our friendly staff now on 1300 032 491.

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