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Bark Control Collars & Ultrasonic Bark Stop Devices

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How to stop dogs barking – whether you are after help for your dog to stop barking, or the neighbour’s dog, we have the anti bark device solutions. If you are looking for a citronella collar, an ultrasonic bark control device or static pulse bark collars you will find it in discount dog fence online store.

Barking dogs is the number one council noise complaint/neighbour dispute around Australia. Dogs are man’s best friend, however, they can also create a little tension with our neighbours. This can be easily resolved by putting a stop to barking. The great news is that we have products that will work with your dog and also bark control products for your neighbour’s dogs.

Don’t let a situation escalate and become out of control, simply look into our range of bark control solutions.

The ultrasonic bark control devices are great for use with neighbour’s dogs. They have a microphone sensor that picks up the dog’s barking. Once a bark has been registered, the device emits a strong ultrasonic (only the dog can hear it, humans can’t) corrective sound, that distracts and discourages the barking dog.

Citronella bark control Collars and Spray Collars emit a fine mist whenever your dog starts to bark . It is also known as lemon spray anti bark collar. The lemon / citronella dog collar is especially effective on dogs that are scent-driven, they always seem to have the noses to the ground and are following a smell or scent.

The static pulse bark collar is the best option for the reduction of excessive and nuisance barking. These barking collars are designed to merely distract your dog’s attention away from the motivation behind their barking. These collars have different sizes and are designed to suit most breeds of barking dogs.

Our range of anti bark collar brands include Garmin, DMT, PetSafe, Dogtra, SportDOG and Innotek. Should you have any queries regarding which are the best bark control options for your dogs, please feel free to contact us at or freecall 1300 032 491. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you select the best option with proven results for your dog.

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