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Product WarrantyProduct Warranty


All of our products are covered by warranty. Please refer to the product page for the specific warranty provided by Discount Dog Fences.

Our warranty offers free repair for manufacturing faults. It does not cover damage as a result of inappropriate use of the products, wear and tear, over-use or abuse, the depletion of consumables, such as batteries or citronella spray, etc. The warranty is also not applicable if the product is used in ways that are outside the products intended use.

For example:-  Most motor vehicle manufacturers offer a 2 or 3 year warranty for normal passenger/commercial use, but if the vehicle is used as a taxi, the warranty conditions are varied by the manufacturer.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Discount Dog Fences provides a 30-day money back guarantee for new product purchases over $150. Second-hand products & items under $150 receive a store credit.

The amount returned to the customer under the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is dependent upon the condition of the returned product/s and their assessed value.

Our 30 day Money Back Guarantee is offered on a joint responsibility basis:

  • Any product to be returned must be approved for return by contacting our service staff and receiving a return code number
  • It is your responsibility to have the product returned (in our possession) within 30 days 
  • You agree to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and carry out any training included in the instructions, over the prescribed period
  • We provide you with all the necessary support in the correct use of our products via our helpline 1300 300 364
  • A restocking fee of up to 25% of the purchase price applies


The following items are not covered by the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • The original delivery cost
  • The cost of returning the product to us
  • Consumables such as batteries, collar straps, wire, citronella spray, etc.


90 Days Upgrade Guarantee90 Days Upgrade Guarantee


If, within 90 days of delivery, you decide that you need to upgrade to another product with additional features, dependent on the condition of your product, we will gladly trade in your product for the difference in price between the cost of the new product and the assessed value of your current product.

All you have to do is send in your product for us to determine the trade in value of your product.

For an unused product, we will gladly upgrade you to the new product for the difference in price excluding the delivery costs.

You will be responsible for the cost to return the original product and the cost of delivery of the new product.




Discount Dog Fences will at all times respect the privacy of our customers and any information provided to us by our customers.

The information supplied to us will not be distributed to any other company or mail order distribution list.

Our customer details, whether provided via the website or any other means are stored on password protected computers, ensuring the privacy and protection of your information.


Online SecurityOnline Security


We utilise the services of an approved merchant banking facility and as such are bound by the Merchant Agreement General Terms and Conditions which are set out to protect both the customer and the merchant.

Should you choose to purchase a product from our website and make a payment using the “Secure Online Credit Card Payment” method, you will be transferred to a secure St. George payments page to complete your Credit Card transaction. The St. George payments page utilizes SSL technology to ensure your privacy and that your sensitive information is securely transmitted from your browser to St. George’s web server. At no time is any sensitive information transmitted outside of this environment.


Product-StandardsProduct Standards



All products sold by Discount Dog Fences are approved to comply with the following Australian standards and regulations:

  • The EMC standards for radio interference, C tick mark approved
  • The Australian Radio communications frequency regulations

Product Safety

All static correction products have the following built in features to ensure your pet’s safety.

  • The power of static correction products does not exceed either 15mA RMS, or alternatively 100mA maximum
  • The length of the stimulation period is limited by an automatic safety cut -out
  • Products have variable levels of correction power to suit the needs of the animal and the situation
  • Collar contacts have safe, rounded points
  • The distance between collar contact points do not exceed 60mm
  • All products sold by Discount Dog Fences abide by ECMA guidelines

Please note – An e-collar may not be the correct product to use if your dog shows signs of anxiety or fear. If in doubt, please speak to your Vet or qualified animal healthcare professional.




The law in Australia relating to the use of “static pulse” or “electronic collars” varies from state to state. Please check your state legislation before making any decisions about these products. Vic Residents can Click Here for more information

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