Kennel run

Discount Dog Fences has simplfied the Dog kennel and run selection for you.

There are two sizes of dog enclosure; small and large. If you are looking for a sturdy, aluminium dog cage that is rust resistant, easy to install and portable, check them out.

Different dogs require different levels of exercise. Letting your dog out in the sun enclosed in a Kennel run will keep your dog fit and healthy. The duration of exercise depends on their fitness, their appetite and their breed. We should all make time for walks and outdoor activities, but for dog owners who lead busy working lives, this isn’t always possible on the daily basis. Choosing a dog kennel and run can help you solve that problem. So how can you ensure that you’re picking the right kennels for your dog?

Here are the key tips:

1. Shape matters – rectangular or square? a long kennel is better than a square one as this allows room to run.

2. Plenty of room – runs should give dogs enough room to stretch and roam. Measure your dog from the end of its tail to the tip of the nose, and then aim for a kennel that is of a comfortable size for your dogs

3. Weather – in the summer, make sure you choose a good location for kennels, somewhere that is in the shade. And always have a cover for your kennel during wet and rainy weather. PetSafe Kennel run has an optional sunblock top to match the two sizes, so you can consider the sunblock top for additional shade.

Always clean the kennel and provide a fresh bowl of water to keep your doggy hydrated as he or shes exercises.

Kennek Runs are simple to install. Here is a video to show you how.


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