Which Invisible Dog Fence should I look at for my German Shepherd?

Which Invisible Dog Fence should I look at for my German Shepherd?

Factors you should consider:

1.Are you containing more than 1 dog? If so, our range of containment systems with rechargeable collars offer you a low maintenance option with no ongoing battery costs.
2.How large an the area do you want for your dog? All of our invisible dog fences come with 150 m of wire which covers up to 1/2 acre, depending on
the shape of your block. Extra Boundary Kits containing 150 m of wire & 50 training flags, are available
3.Are you after a particular brand or model? We carry the major brands, including PAC, Innotek & PetSafe. The Petsafe range of collars can be used with any of the  Petsafe contianment systems. However, the Pac Invisible Dog Fence collar is both waterproof and rechargeable and represents some of the best value for money!
4.If you are after an Invisible Dog Fence that stops your dog from escaping and allows you to resolve some behavioural problems – consider the Innotek Ultrasmart  5100 Contain ‘n’ Train
5.Also note that the Ultrasmart 4100 and the Ultrasmart 5100 are compatible with our Indoor Pet Barrier Zones, which may be helpful if training a young puppy or your dog is allowed inside at night.

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