What bark control products are available to stop barking dogs?

What bark control products are available to stop barking dogs?

There is a variety of bark control devices available to suit all types of breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments of barking dogs. There are sonic & ultrasonic anti bark products, like the PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Device, Super Bark Stop or the Vibration & Sonic Bark Collar. These products use sonic (we all can hear it), ultrasonic (only the dogs can hear it, like the old dog whistle) and vibration as a method to distract your dog when barking. Some of these products are stand along products and others are collar based. There are sonic and ultrasonic bark control devices that can effectively stop barking dogs over the fence. If your neighbour has a excessive or nuisance barking dog, call one of our staff for advise on which system will best suit your needs.

Spray Collars are designed to give a short burst of spray in unscented, citronella and lemon spray options. This spray is to help you stop your barking dogs.These type of barking collars are very effective with scent-driven dogs, dogs that seem to sniff around the yard alot. Spray bark collars have a higher success rate than the sonic/ultrasonic variety.

The final option is the static caorrection anti bark collars. These collars give a small static correction to stop barking dogs. The important thing to note here is that the correction felt by your dog is one similar to a small muscle contraction. Some reports compare it to being just 10% of a static zap we may receive when shuffling on carpet or exiting our cars. This is type of bark control collar gives proven results and is the most successful bark control device currently available. Remote dog training collars can also be used to help stop dog barking in certain situations.

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