How effective are the different types of bark control devices?

How effective are the different types of bark control devices?

The effectiveness of any bark control device depends on a number of main factors, incluiding you dog’s temperament, breed, size, age and the motivation or reason for barking. Sonic and ultrasonic anti barking devices are often effective when used with puppies or small barking dogs displaying a placid or timid personality. However, some large barking dogs or dogs with a stubborn temperament may ignore the audible or ultrasonic deterrent noises and not stop barking.

Citronella collars are a good option in comparison to the sonic & ultrasonic anti bark devices. The spray collar acts as a much more effective barking deterrent compared to sound as it involves more of the dog’s senses and results in a higher chance of getting the dog’s attention. We have also found that many barking dogs do not like the sensation of the spray, or the smell of citronella or lemon. They quickly learn to stop barking in order to avoid the unpleasant spray. Citronella bark collars are also a good option for people who live in states where there may be a restriction on the use of static correction anti bark collars.

Static correction anti bark collars (e-collars) are the most effective bark control product available. How the bark collar is introduced, age, breed, temperament and motivation for barking will all play a part in the end result. Generally speaking, these types of anti bark collars will be 96-98% successful, this represents a proven and significant decrease in barking. The benefits of these anti bark collars versus stand-alone traditional dog training methods include greater consistency, speed & timing of correction (no time delay), cost effectiveness and low maintenance.

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