How easy is it to install an Invisible Dog Fence?

How easy is it to install an Invisible Dog Fence?

You do not need an electrician or tradesperson, anyone can install a containment system. Your kit will include an instruction/installation manual, some kits even include a DVD on installation and training. There are 4 Steps to establishing an Invisible Dog Fence:

  1. Preparation – This involves going through the manual, and drawing up a plan on how you will intall the wire and position the transmitter
  2. Installation -Setting up the transmitter and placing the wire and training flags is the main aspect of this stage
  3. Fitting – ensuring a proper and firm fit of the collar to the dog. This will see that the probes are in constant contact with the dogs skin whilst the collar is worn
  4. Training – 10 minutes per for about 2 weeks. The training program is included with the kit and will explain everything you need to know

•The transmitter simply plugs into a standard powerpoint. It emits a radio signal along the length of the wire.
•The wire is insulated and can be buried or attached to an existing fence (except colourbond). It connects to the transmitter and carries the radio signal. This creates the boundary to contain your dog (like an invisible barrier). The strength of this radio signal can often be adjusted to suit the area you wish to contain your dog in.
•The collar, also known as a receiver, is placed around your dog’s neck. The collar responds to the radio signal traveling along the wire and alerts the dog when he gets to close to the boundary. If the dog continues toward the boundary wire, he will receive a correction from the collar as it responds to the radio signal.

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