How do I get the best results from my Electric Dog Fence?

How do I get the best results from my Electric Dog Fence?

There are a number of factors to consider when installing an electric dog fence. The following main points are essential for any success to be achieved:

  • For an electric fence to work, the animal must come into contact with the wire or tape when it still has a paw on the ground. This completes the circuit of the wire and the ground rod (a rod that is driven into the ground, similar to a large tent peg), allowing for a pulse to be felt. If your dog is jumping a fence, you are better to locate the wire or tape near where you dog jumps from and not on top of the fence. If the wire was on top of the fence and the dog touches it when jumping, he will not feel anything because the circuit between the wire and the ground rod is not closed.
  • Ground that is overly dry will also inhibit the success of any electric fence. If you notice that the ground around your electric fence is quite dry, water the area around the ground rod.
  • The longer the fence the more likely you will need additional ground rods strategically placed to improve performance.

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