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How do I know which PetSafe Dog Fence suits my situation? – A comparison between the PetSafe range of products

Different Invisible Dog Fences (also known as Containment Systems) have different capabilities, one of the main ones being the size of the area/property you want to use the system on. As your first consideration, you are best to ensure that the transmitter of the invisible dog fence you are looking has the capacity to cover the area of your property. The collar (aslso known as a receiver) is also a major consideration, depending on whether you require a water-resistant or waterproof collar; and if you would prefer rechargeable over battery powered. In doing this, you will narrow the range down to only what meets your requirements and will make a more informed choice based on products that meet your requirements and have proven results.


Comparison of PetSafe Containment Systems

PRODUCT PRF-3004 PIG00-10777 PIG00-11007
SYSTEM In-Ground Radio Fence – Ultralight Collar In-Ground Radio Fence – Stubborn Dog System Deluxe In-Ground Cat Fence
BENEFITS –          Short and Long Probes included 

–          150m of boundary wire included

-Five adjustable correction levels
-Tone plus Vibration only training mode
-Short and Long Probes included
-150 m of boundary wire included
-Four adjustable correction levels
-Tone only
-Smallest, waterproof collar available
-Low Battery indicator
-150 m of boundary wire included
COLLAR FEATURES -Battery Operated Receiver -Battery Operated Receiver -Battery Operated Receiver
TRANSMITTER With 10 acre capability (requires extra boundary wires) With 10 acre capability (requires extra boundary wires) With 25 acre capability (requires extra boundary wires)
BATTERY Battery RFA-67-D-11 9 Volt Alkaline RFA-188


Containment Systems are a lot cheaper and easier compared to traditional fencing options. This is particularly true when renting a property and not wanting to install a permenant fencing structure. It is also handy when you only want to protect certain area on your property, such as pond, swimming pool, garden beds or a chicken coop. If your dog is chasing your chooks, you can easily set up the containment system to exclude your dog from the immediate chicken coop area, whilst providing him the freedom to roam in the rest of the yard.

The different system offer you the capability to contain up to 25 acres (extra wire will need to be purchased). So, if you have a big property, this could be your main option. Also, if you have different breeds of dogs, you have the option of using different collars with different breeds. For example, you may have a large and determined dog and choose the Stubborn Dog Hi-Output collar, and your next dog may be a smaller, more responsive dog where the standard collar is used, and then you can even add a cat collar to the same system. This is where the PetSafe range comes into its own, the ability to pick and choose which collars you use with the pets. The collars are compatible across our range of invisible dog fences and invisible cat fences.

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