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If you are looking for a Dog Containment Fence, We Have The Solution!!!

At Discount Dog Fences, we provide a range of dog fences, dog enclosures, bark control devices, remote training collars and electric pet fencing which are marketed by leading brands such as Garmin, Num’axes, PetSafe, SportDOG, PAC and Dogtra. Supported by the biggest distributor of animal training products Down Under, we are delighted to be able to provide you various dog and cat containment systems, electric dog fences, pet fencing products, bark control collars, dog GPS trackers & dog training collars at a competitive price.

Is your pet hyper-active at times and jumping fences? Is it an uphill task keeping your pet safe? Rejoice! We have just the perfect solution for you; we have pet containment systems which give you much needed peace of mind by relieving the perennial fear of a mishap and to avoid that constant worrying while at work if Rover is going to be there when you arrive home. The Dog containment system is also known as an electronic dog fence, invisible fence, PetSafe radio fence or a hidden dog fence. The electronic dog fence allows your pet the vital freedom of movement in the yard without cramping him of any space and your pet feeling confined to a certain area. Once your pet respects its area, it is likely to be playful and happy within the premises.

90 Days Upgrade

We are committed to finding you a solution for your pet problem; from selecting the right product, to offering a 90 Day Upgrade Warranty* or discussing your situation with our Service team for the best advice.

Why Discount Dog Fences?

Discount Dog Fences has a huge variety of electric fences for your pet dogs to restrain them from spoiling your garden that has taken a long time to nourish and bring it to its current state or from spoiling a freshly reshaped garden.

If you have a neighbour with a noisy dog/s you can buy an Outdoor Bark Control unit or if you have a noisy barking dog you can buy a bark control product which are available as ultrasonic collars , citronella collars & static correction collars. Barking collars for dogs work off the vibration of barking from the dogs voice box or with a microphone which is activated by the dogs’ barking, yelling, yapping etc .

Sometimes, we have ex demo products at discounted prices from our showroom which we put on offer to you. They are brand new products which may have opened packaging that has been used for display purposes only. Please check Discount Dog Fences site regularly as we launch offers from time to time and we may have just the right product for you and your pets. 

Buy with Confidence!

At Discount Dog fence Australia we have many Dog fencing options available online to help solve the problem of your Dog escaping or Dog jumping fence.

Whatever the issue may be we can provide a solution that will keep your dog at home safe and sound. Just some examples of our products are Invisible fencing and Wireless Dog fencing for sale.

With over 10 years of experience in this very specialized market, Discount Dog Fences has a professional service department with two full time technicians ready to you assist you with all your after sales questions you may have.

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