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Pet Barrier Fence - Indoor or Outdoor

The Innotek Zones Pet Barrier is a fence without any construction needed. If you are toilet training a puppy, cats or dogs, then the products available here are designed specifically for your situation. There is a PetSafe outdoor pet barrier fence, pet guard and Contech scatmat offer you proven solutions.

Do you want to know how to stop dogs chewing furniture or stop dogs urinating on carpet our indoor fencing or pet barriers can get you the results you are after. Owning a pet should be fun, it shouldn’t be constantly correcting your pet about their undesirable behaviours. Training your pet to behave in a certain room or near the kitchen bin or on the rug can resolve the issue, however, it is also an expensive option. An easier solution is to restrict their access to the room, furniture or kitchen bin. A lot less fuss, not as time consuming or expensive and the same great results are still achieved. By simply introducing indoor fences or a pet guard, such as the Contech ScatMat, you are in effect placing a pet divider the isolates your lovely furniture, clean carpet or kitchen area as a pet-free or no-go zone for your pets.

Another great use for these products, is around the BBQ and undercover entertaining area, your pets can still freely roam the backyard but not be underfoot while entertaining guests, or stealing food.

For example the Innotek Zones Pet Barrier ‘fence’ consists of a Zone (a small device that looks like a smoke alarm) and a corresponding collar. When your pet comes within range of the Zone, its collar will give a warning tone, and if your pet doesn't back away it will then give a correction. By strategically locating the Innotek Zone, you can stop your dog entering certain rooms, going near the kitchen bin and keep its distance from the front door. This last position is great if your dog jumps up on people when they visit or tries to escape whenever the front door is open. By placing a Zone Barrier under a lounge, you can stop your dog jumping on the lounge or chewing it. The fantastic thing is that the Innotek Zones Pet Barriers is compatible with the Innotek Ultrasmart 4100 Invisible Dog Fences and the Innotek Ultrasmart 5100 Contain 'n' Train dog fences.

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