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Cat Fence & Cat Products

Outdoor cat enclosures or a invisible cat fence that gives your cat the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors. Imagine cat proof fencing that did this as well as removing the worry of your cat wandering, destroying the neighbour’s garden or attacking natural wildlife.

An Invisible Cat Fence, also known as a cat containment system, allows your cat to freely explore the yard with the peace of mind that you cat will not go beyond the perimeter you have allocated.

Similar to our range of Invisible Dog Fences, the PetSafe Deluxe Invisible Cat Fence features the smallest and lightest invisible fence collar available on today’s market. This waterproof collar can be adjusted to suit your cat’s temperament, from vibration/paging mode to Low, Medium, Medium-High or High settings.

The great thing about this cat proof fence is that you can add as many cats as you like to the cat containment system knowing that they are all safely staying within your yard or perimeter. Additional collars are available separately and will automatically marry up to the existing cat fencing.

In fact, thanks to PetSafe design, these enclosures for cats can also be used on your family dog, making it a multi-pet system. Any of the PetSafe invisible fence collars are compatible with any of its containment system transmitters. This means all you have to do is purchase an additional PetSafe invisible dog fence collar and now your dog is also safely contained.

To establish an outdoor cat enclosure, or cat fence, there are 4 basic steps that you will need to follow:

  1. Preparation - planning the set up and installation of your new cat containment area. Go over the material provided and then do a simple sketch of your property and mark where you are going to set the cat fencing up. This is your plan for establishing the cat fences.
  2. Installation – to build a cat enclosure, you simply action your plan. This involves plugging in the transmitter and running the wire around the area you wish your cats to stay within. Once this is done, you can test the system by turning it on and approaching the wire with the collar (on) low to the ground. When the collar beeps, this is the warning tone. Place a training flag here, and move along the wire and repeat the process, positioning the flags 2 to 3 metres apart. This is also when you are able to see the strength of the radio signal and adjust as necessary.
  3. Collar Fit - One of the most important aspects of the cat proof fences is the cat collar. The cat fence collar needs to be a snug fit and not be able to swing around. This ensures the system works well and keeps your cat safe and the collar not getting caught on anything.
  4. Training - Spend 10 minutes per day for 10 to 14 days is all it takes for your cat to learn where its new territory boundaries lie, as set out by you. It is important that your cat not be allowed to go beyond this boundary at all during this training phase, as it will help reinforce the perimeter. The training for the cat proof fencing is an important aspect in terms of success, please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not cut corners.

Should you require any further advice for any of our cat enclosure for sale, or for the installation of this amazing cat fence, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff for assistance, simply call 1300 032 491.

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